In our last post, I described how we were working on converting a nasty old Swiffer Wet Jet mop into the start of various jewelry pieces.

Well, the Holiday Season is upon us, and the elves at Julian Creek Artworks have been busy in the art studio.  

The first task was to cut off a piece of the salvaged Swiffer mop handle - check.  Inside the studio, this was put in the vise and then some slices were cut off.  I toyed briefly with stopping there and just making some rings - for large handed people.  

But soon enough, I had the cut rings opened up, sides smoothed down and cut into pieces for earrings.  

We had purchased a roll of copper looking strapping "tape" to use to secure some gates to keep our dog Sundae on a deck.  Turns out it really isn't copper, but it did the trick with the gate.  Lots left over, so we have been using pieces of the strapping in our earring designs.  I cut a couple of thin strips to use with the Swiffer pieces.  Last step was to assemble - and a couple of examples are below.  If you are interested in purchasing, just let us know.

When we moved in to our little house on the Lake in the Upstate of South Carolina, the previous owner had left several surprises - almost all unwelcome.

One collection was some oddball chemicals, herbicides, cleaning supplies and some unknown liquids.  One particularly grimy item was a Swiffer Wet Jet.  After a failed attempt to rid ourselves of some semi-usable items on Craigslist, Sue suggested that the Swiffer pole might in fact be aluminum.

Sure enough, the magnet test failed - and we suddenly had 3 feet of prime aluminum stock for future jewelry projects.

It did take quite a bit of effort to saw off the upper plastic handle and disengage the aluminum pole from the base - but I think it will be worth it.  Once I had the pole freed from rest of the unit, I began to see the potential...and $$$ signs (well maybe only a couple).

So what will we make out of this treasure?  Stay tuned and check back soon!