So we recently bought a new refrigerator, and decided not to go with an ice maker - since water wouldn't be filtered and they take up too much room in the freezer.  The old relic fridge had one that we never used and when prepping the space for the new one, we discovered several feet of waterline made from copper tubing coiled up.  Immediately, we began thinking of how we could repurpose this into our art.
Cutting off a piece, I wrangled the copper into the vise and got the jeweler's saw out.  This copper tubing is pretty soft, so the cutting was relatively easy.  I cut off a couple of pieces, then took those and cut a line across the top of each.  This allowed me to flatten them out with a couple pliers, then a bit more with the hammer. Ended up with 4 pretty odd shapes.  These then needed some filing and grinding on the edges.  One side of each piece was fairly shiny already and the other side had a nice dark patina - so I decided to leave the backsides alone.  On the front, I used a cutter wheel to make small indentations and nicks, then used a wire brush to polish up.  Drilled a hole in the top of each, then dropped them into the tumbler for more smoothing.

With the copper pieces out of the tumbler, next step was to create the dangles.  I found a scrap piece of silver wire and cut a couple of pieces.  These were curved slightly and the bottom ends hammered to serve as a stop for the beads, which were then strung on the wires. The tops were also hammered wide enough to be able to drill a hole.  With 22 gauge silver wire, this is more than a bit challenging.  Finally, created some earring wires, tumbled them and assembled everything.  And the final result is below.  These were placed for sale at Kress Emporium in Asheville.  If you would like a similar pair, just let us know.



10/07/2016 9:58am

Good read - thanks for posting.

10/07/2016 10:05am

Very cool. I want a pair!


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