The projects on our little lake house near Anderson continue. An ad on Facebook for an online solar energy installation marketplace caught our attention - get multiple quotes for solar panel installation easily from pre-qualified installers.  Easy enough.  Key in some basic info - address, electric usage, etc. - and the quotes started to flow in.  

Our little house seemed like an ideal candidate for solar.  It is small and our electric usage is pretty low.  The house sits over water - so shading is not an issue most of the day.  We have two roof portions that face south - on the main house and on a boat dock roof.  

Most of the quotes came in about the same. We selected a company based near Charlotte - Renewable Energy Design Group - after meeting with a salesperson, speaking to one of the owners and reading reviews.  Because the upstate is known for ice storms and frequent power outages, we decided to add to the mix a battery backup and solar hot water system.

In considering the actual installation, we pondered what to do with the existing roof.  It was estimated to be 10 or so years old.  We got estimates and really struggled with what roof type to get.  A regular shingle roof is the cheapest option - but the solar panel installation would then require lots of holes drilled into the roof deck - lots of potential leaks.  We eventually decided to go with a standing seam metal roof - which allows the panels to be attached by clips to the seams.

The roof got installed a couple weeks ago - and the solar install was just finished (almost) today.  Can't power it up yet due to necessary inspections - but it looks pretty cool!

So what does this have to do with earrings?  As the roofers were packing up, we asked them to leave any extra metal scraps - and leave scraps they did!  Similarly, the solar guys probably used what seemed like several miles of wire - and we snagged some of the leftover pieces as they cleaned up.  We always seem to have house projects done - and trying to find some parts or pieces left over that we can re-purpose into artwork. 

As a quick test, we created a couple pairs of earrings.  The green metal roof is a lot thicker gauge than we typically work with - but once trimmed and filed down - looks pretty cool.  The braided wire from the solar install has different thicknesses - so possible to use as a wrap or as a hanging piece.  See a couple of examples below.  If you are interested in these (or ones very similar) - just let us know - they will be for sale tomorrow at the Anderson County Holiday Market.



01/04/2018 3:57am

Your creativity is truly amazing. I also believe that we should re-use and recycle things that we see as scraps. That particular project that you've mentioned was an eyeopener for me to create my own. Upgrading my roofs with some solar panels will definitely lessen my expenses. The idea of making things out of those scraps is also a good opportunity to make business. I hope to see more of your blog posts. Thank you for sharing your invaluable insights and experience.


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